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Baseboard & Crown Moulding

Baseboards and crown moulding refer to two essential types of interior trim that can add a polished, finished look to any home. Both types of moulding come in a variety of styles and materials and can be customized to fit any design or aesthetic preference.

What are Baseboards?

Baseboards, also known as baseboard moulding, are decorative trims that run along the bottom of interior walls where they meet the flooring. The purpose of baseboards is to protect the wall from scuffs and bumps caused by shoes, furniture, and vacuum cleaners.

Baseboards are typically made of wood, but can also be made from other materials such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard), PVC, or composite materials. They come in a wide range of styles, from simple and streamlined to more ornate and decorative.

What is Crown Moulding?

Crown moulding is a decorative trim that is installed along the top edge of interior walls where they meet the ceiling. Crown moulding adds a touch of elegance to any room and can create the illusion of higher ceilings.

Crown moulding is typically made of wood, but can also be made from other materials such as plaster, polyurethane, or MDF. Like baseboards, crown moulding comes in a variety of styles, from simple and classic to ornate and detailed.

Installation of Baseboards and Crown Moulding

Installing baseboards and crown moulding requires precision and attention to detail. A professional contractor will take careful measurements to ensure a perfect fit and seamless installation.

Benefits of Baseboards and Crown Moulding

Baseboards and crown moulding not only add a decorative touch to a home, but also provide practical benefits, including:

  • Protection for walls against scuffs and bumps
  • Concealment of gaps between walls and flooring or ceiling
  • Creation of a polished and finished look
  • Enhancement of a room’s aesthetic appeal
  • Addition of value to a home


Baseboards and crown moulding are two essential types of interior trim that can add both practical and aesthetic value to any home. Whether you prefer a simple and streamlined look or an ornate and detailed design, there is a style of baseboard or crown moulding that can fit your preferences and enhance your home’s overall look and feel.

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