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In construction terminology, a “cased opening” refers to an architectural feature where a door or window opening is surrounded or encased by trim or casing, providing a finished appearance. This term is commonly used in residential and commercial construction to describe openings that have been framed and trimmed but do not have a door or window installed.

The purpose of a cased opening is primarily aesthetic, serving to define the transition between different spaces within a building while providing a visually appealing frame for the opening. Cased openings often serve as architectural elements that add character and style to interior spaces, contributing to the overall design and ambiance of a room or building.

Cased openings typically consist of several components, including:

1. Trim or Casing: This refers to the decorative molding or framing that surrounds the perimeter of the opening. Trim or casing is available in various styles and profiles to suit different architectural styles and design preferences.

2. Header: The header is a structural component located above the opening that supports the weight of the wall or ceiling above. It is often reinforced with additional framing members, such as studs or joists, to provide strength and stability.

3. Jamb: The jamb refers to the vertical sides of the opening, against which a door or window would normally close. In the case of a cased opening, the jamb serves as a framework for the trim or casing and helps to define the boundaries of the opening.

4. Sill or Threshold: In the case of a window opening, the sill or threshold is the horizontal surface at the bottom of the opening. It provides a transition between the interior and exterior spaces and may also serve as a decorative element.

Cased openings are commonly found in interior spaces such as doorways between rooms, passageways, or archways that add architectural interest and visual appeal to a building’s design. They can be customized with different trim styles, finishes, and details to complement the overall aesthetic of the space.

In summary, a cased opening is a framed and trimmed architectural feature that adds visual interest and defines transitions between spaces within a building.

The cased opening between the living room and dining room featured elegant trim work that complemented the home’s traditional design.

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